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Til Bhuga, a heart-warming, wonderful winter sweet made from khoya (mawa or reduced milk) and sesame seeds. It's a makar sankranti and Lohri special sweet…truly adorned and relished during this festive week to celebrate the harvesting festival. This easy to make winter sweet just melts in your mouth and the sesame seed coating provides a subtle crunch, and gives you warmth. It’s a must to have during this time of the year.


PREP TIME: 3 hours (if making khoya from scratch)

PREP TIME: 5 minutes (if using readymade khoya)

COOKING TIME: 5 minutes

ASSEMBLY TIME: 15 minutes

MAKES: 20-25 pieces


  • 350g khoya

  • 200g confectioners sugar

  • 350g white sesame seeds

  • 1/4 tsp cardamom powder

  • 1 tsp ghee

  • 25g green raisins

For Khoya

  • 2 ltrs double fat milk/ full fat


  1. To make khoya, pour the milk in a heavy bottom wok. Keeping at medium high heat and stirring frequently bring the milk to boil. After it reaches boiling point, reduce the heat to low and keep stirring constantly in very frequent intervals, after every one or 2 minutes. Once it’s reduced to 1/3 quantity and starts becoming thick, keep stirring constantly without leaving the sight of it. Reduce the milk completely until it starts leaving the pan and become like a solid lump consistency.

  2. In a large pan toast all sesame seeds on a medium low heat until lightly toasted but not browned. It should still stay white in colour. Remove from the pan and cool.

  3. In a bowl separate 70g of sesame seeds for later use. In a grinder, grind rest of the sesame seeds to a slightly coarse powder.

  4. In a microwave safe bowl, add khoya and warm for a minute until slightly warm and soft in consistency. (You can also warm the khoya in the pan on a low heat). Add ground sesame seeds, sugar, cardamom powder and half tsp ghee. Mix well until combined.

  5. Now greasing the palms with remaining ghee, shape them in flat laddu, place a green raisin on top and roll it in the remaining sesame seeds.

  6. Repeat with the rest of the mix and serve.


  • This dessert can be easily prepared in a short time if you are making with readymade khoya.

  • I made the khoya from scratch in a traditional way and the results are incredible. But if you do not have time, you can always make this Indian sweet (traditional mithai) from the readymade khoya which is generally available with mithai shops (Indian sweet shops).

  • Please ensure that the readymade bought khoya is prepared traditionally and not from the milk powder as you won’t get the same results and taste you are looking for.


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