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Hey there! Welcome to Simran’s Kitchen.


I’m Simran, a Culinary Professional, Food Stylist, and Photographer. I’m also a huge foodie who loves sharing my passion with everyone, which is why I love hosting and entertaining.

That’s what Simran’s Kitchen is - a space to bring people together.

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My professional journey with food started when I won my first award and got the title of Delicio Kitchen Queen in 2009, giving me the push to start running the cooking courses my friends kept asking me about. From that, Simran's Kitchen emerged and slowly expanded as I started running Cookery Courses, Lessons, and Masterclasses. I then won my second award in 2010 and won the title of Star Chef Hunt.

One of the highlights was when I won the Star Chef award by celebrity chef and Masterchef (India) judge Sanjeev Kapoor for my artistic culinary skills in 2014. I also started writing a regular food column in a lifestyle magazine - Faces Oman, working as a freelance Food Consultant and Recipe Developer.

I am a self taught food enthusiast who, over the years, has perfected the art of cooking and baking. My kitchen is my studio where I experiment and test new ideas, spending hours honing the recipes till I reach perfection. The artist in me was looking for an avenue to express myself, and through the fusion of the arts of cooking and baking, Sugar Shower was born. I channeled my energy into experimenting with advanced recipes and started crafting deliciously decorative bespoke handcrafted cakes and customized cookies. Check out these masterpieces by clicking the Sugar Shower tab or here.

Cooking and baking have always been close to my heart since childhood. I would watch my mum bake a cake in the pressure cooker with sand at the bottom, which would fascinate me to attempt some of my own when mum’s not around. I baked my first cake when I was just 9 years old, and though I burnt it (oops!), I was so determined that I never gave up on my passion and kept on baking, cooking and learning.


Because I moved around a lot when I was young, I always had new neighbours from various parts of India, so I’d enjoy learning their traditional recipes as well.


Cooking turned from a hobby to an obsession when I moved to Australia, I couldn’t get over all the new ingredients and cultures I was introduced to. Spending hours in the kitchen has always been so therapeutic to me. 


When I moved to Muscat, I was inspired by the rich culture and heritage of Oman, and wanted to showcase that, which is what lead me to creating Simran in the Kitchen YouTube tutorials, and highlight the amazing beauty in Oman.


My recipes are not confined to one region, they are traditional recipes that are influenced and enriched by every culture I touch.


Now, I want to pass on my immense love for cooking and baking to you by sharing all my delicious recipes, tips and tricks, as well as easy-to-follow tutorials that make even the most intimidating dishes look easy. You will see recipes from my mum’s kitchen in India to mine in Muscat and everything in between.


Come on this journey of bringing together food, passion and culture and explore Simran’s Kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by!

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