Weather was beautiful outside yesterday evening. Drizzling rain drops and popping rainbow was making me eager to whip up something quick and easy to enjoy this beautiful weather with my cuppa.

Jumped up from the couch and hurriedly stepped down to the kitchen and my eyes went straight to the chocolate buttons in my pantry. The first thing that came up to my mind was, “ah I haven’t made my famous classic brownies in a while which are always my family and friends’ favorite!” Opened the fridge and pulled out the butter and eggs, and while I was grabbing them I saw a strawberry punnet and thought of putting it to a great use! Chocolate and strawberry is a classic combo and pairs so well...grabbed that to make them part of my classic recipe. Now brownie isn’t complete without adding a crunch of the nut, opened the freezer and pulled out the bag of pecans which I always stock up as they are one of my favorite nuts. Worked up the brownies batter and within in no time my gooey fudgy brownies were ready to gobble down...

If you yearning to eat something indulgent but don't want to stand up in kitchen for hours to curb your cravings, this classic brownies recipe modified with strawberries is just the perfect one for you to try which will be ready in minutes...

I’m sure you’re already drooling as who doesn’t love brownies - read the recipe down below!


YIELDS: 9 large/16 small pieces

PREP TIME: 15 minutes

BAKE TIME: 30 minutes