Hello my insta family... hope you are doing well. It’s been a while since I interacted with you all... as some of you know, I recently moved houses and I’ve been completely swamped! As much as we love to believe that we’ll set it all up quickly, these things take time but only with patience do we get the results we want!

So in the meantime I thought I’d share this humble traditional recipe called Gajrela or Gajar ka Halwa, which is a very popular desert adorned by all, especially in North India.

When you talk about Indian comfort desserts, this is it! The rich flavour of cardamom brings out the sweet warmth of the carrots, and along with the subtle crunch of Indian dry fruits and creaminess of the khoya... what more could you ask for? It’s the perfect wintertime dessert, and I’m sure any Indian would agree - it’s both humble and decadent, I’ve garnished it with gold leaf to bring that extra oomph to this all-time favourite dish.

I made this dish because it was my mum’s favourite dessert... as a kid my mum would make it every winter... Muscat has been extra cold lately and eating this Gajrela was like a wonderful and nostalgic warm hug!

The recipe for this beautiful dish is up on my website - the link is in the bio!

What was your family’s winter favourite?


PREP TIME: 15minutes

MAKING TIME: 45 minutes

SERVES: 15-20


For Gajrela

  • 1 kg red carrot, grated from bigger holes

  • 1 ltr/ 4 cups full fat milk

  • 350g granulated white sugar

  • 50g ghee

  • 10-12 green cardamom

  • 40g green raisins

  • 40g raw cashews

  • 40g almonds